Hi I'm Anna! was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in the midwest, spending most of my childhood in a small town in Iowa. At age 16 I left the US to study abroad in Germany and could never really kick the feeling that I needed to return abroad again. In 2011 I accepted a job in Dusseldorf, Germany and met my future (Dutch) husband in 2014. I quickly relocated to Amsterdam and she and her husband Tim welcomed boy/girl twins in May 2017. My journey as a mother has been much different than I expected. My daughter Emily was diagnosed with a rare medical condition called Adrenal Insufficiency shortly after birth. My life drastically changed as a mother of 2 and caregiver of a medically fragile child. I started blogging via Instagram as a way to cope with my new reality and have found a wonderful community there. I'm not ready to share more of my journey on this blog and hope my experiences help other parents in similar situations. 


I also run a special project called Moments with Mothers which is a blog sharing stories of motherhood from around the world and also raises awareness and funds for organizations which support mothers in need.  



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