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When prepping the arrival of twins, you may be wondering just what products are actually most useful when you have not one but two newborns?! I surveyed twin Moms asking just which products they loved when their twins were small, but also, which products do they wish they had back then? Check out the list below for real tips from real twin Moms:

Top Tip: Ask for help!

Before we move on to the best products a new twin Mom can have, all of us twin Mamas first want to recommend the most important thing new twin parents need - HELP! Especially the first 4-8 weeks, the majority of twin Moms say that having someone to help you out is absolutely essential. Make sure to discuss your options for help before the babies arrive: Do you have family close-by who can help? Or friends? Or will you hire someone to help you? (If so, what's your budget and expectations - how often, how many hours, etc.)

I'll write an entire post on things to discuss with your partner before your twins arrive but this one had to also be on this list too! (No, seriously - find some help!) I've linked all of the recommendations below to (US) and some example products to items below which have multiple options or brands to choose from. Can't find comparable items in your country? Send me a message on Instagram and I can probably point you in the right direction. Happy shopping twin Mamas!

To wear for Mom:

Comfortable Nursing Bras & Nursing tops

Loose & comfy clothing for the first weeks (okay months) postpartum

To wear for babes:

How many of each item should I buy? Think in 3s for all items which need to be washed - one clean, one dirty and one in the wash!

Onesies with side snaps

Pyjamas with zippers (NOT snaps)

A whole lot of burp cloths & bibs

Swaddle blankets (can also be used for burping, feeding, or just as a light blanket

Create safe spaces for babies around the house:

Travel Cot to move around the house as a safe spot to lay down babies

Sleepyhead or Dock a Tot

Baby Bjorn Bouncy Chair (TOP recommendation)

Boppy Newborn Loungers


Twin Z Feeding Pillow

Double Nursing Pillow

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Two colors of bottles (one for each baby)

Baby Tracker App to log in all the things (feeding, sleeping, pumping)


Twin Halo Bassinet

(Or another double bassinet option)

Chicco Next 2 Me Co-Sleeper

Woombie Sleepsacks

Sound Machine or Sound App for phone or tablet


A tandem carrier is a must-have for twin Mamas!

Weego Carrier (tandem front - newborns up to 4-5 months)

Mini-Monkey Carrier (tandem front - newborn until 6 months)

Twingo Carrier (2 single newborn carriers & tandem front/back as of 5 months until 2+ years)

Backpack Diaper Bag

Twin Strollers

Bugaboo Donkey Twin

Mountain Buggy V3

Uppa Baby Vista

Baby Jogger Citi Mini GT Twin

Maclaren Double Umbrella Stroller (or similar to use when traveling)


Stokke foldable bathtub with newborn insert

Owlet monitor (can give peace of mind after NICU time)

Have other must-have product tips for new twin parents? Comment below and I'll add them to the list!

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  • Anna

In 2,5 years we have taken the twins on 20+ flights to 7 countries (on 2 continents) and conquered anywhere from 1 - 11 hour flights. Over time we learned what worked best for us when traveling with TWO infants and now toddlers - dare I say that flights even feel fairly 'easy' now that they area nearly 3 years old?! Never thought I would say that! But with the right products and preparation and most importantly, the right mindset, anything is possible, yes even with TWINS!

I had the very fun opportunity to write a comprehensive guide on traveling with twins for one of my favorite websites, Baby Can Travel, last year and hope that it helps other families with twins find the courage to keep traveling even after your family literally multiplies. The journey might not always be a breeze but I promise you will never regret making these memories once you arrive at your destination!

Read my ultimate guide to travel with twins via Baby Can Travel here.

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  • Anna

I recently was offered the opportunity to share my own motherhood story the very special platform, Love What Matters and bring awareness to my daughter’s struggles of living with Adrenal Insufficiency. I do my best to share more and more about our journey to help friends and family understand what we experience as Emily's parents and help others learn more about her condition and also to give other families facing a similar diagnosis hope for the future.

But I also continue to share my story because motherhood doesn’t always turn out how we expect and I wish I would have had the courage to share and connect with others earlier on after I had my twins - and to realize that each of us has our own story, often not exactly what we pictured when we were pregnant or planning to have a family.

As I say at the end of the story ‘My motherhood journey looks much different than I had planned, and yours might too. The pain and grief of that loss will never quite go away. It’s so important to try not to spend life mourning the fact it’s different than what you planned, but to focus on enjoying the wonderful parts of the child you were given, and the very beautiful life you can live together.’

Read my story here and feel free to share ❤️

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