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Emily's Story

I recently was offered the opportunity to share my own motherhood story the very special platform, Love What Matters and bring awareness to my daughter’s struggles of living with Adrenal Insufficiency. I do my best to share more and more about our journey to help friends and family understand what we experience as Emily's parents and help others learn more about her condition and also to give other families facing a similar diagnosis hope for the future.

But I also continue to share my story because motherhood doesn’t always turn out how we expect and I wish I would have had the courage to share and connect with others earlier on after I had my twins - and to realize that each of us has our own story, often not exactly what we pictured when we were pregnant or planning to have a family.

As I say at the end of the story ‘My motherhood journey looks much different than I had planned, and yours might too. The pain and grief of that loss will never quite go away. It’s so important to try not to spend life mourning the fact it’s different than what you planned, but to focus on enjoying the wonderful parts of the child you were given, and the very beautiful life you can live together.’

Read my story here and feel free to share ❤️

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