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Twin travel tips: Formula feeding while traveling

Mixing bottles in an airport, airplane, rental car or anywhere without access to fresh water can seem complicated - with a few useful products and the right planning you won't break a sweat when your twins are ready for a bottle, no matter where your travels take you!

My magic combination for being able to mix bottles for baby wherever you go requires these handy supplies: Formula dispenser + travel thermos for hot water + cold (bottled) water.

Many traveling Moms suggest to get your babies used to room temperature milk before you travel but my twins refused cold milk so I had to get creative. With these three items in your travel bag you can feed baby wherever – invest in a high quality thermos which keeps water hot for 24 hours.

Make sure it’s full at all times – you can always request boiling water at a restaurant, café, gas station, etc. for free – and mix your perfect temp (you don’t need much boiling water!) I prefer this method instead of asking the flight attendants to heat up the bottle as the milk often becomes way too hot to drink and even with the most friendly crew, they have a few hundred other passengers to attend to and I like to be able to mix the bottles on the spot when the babes get fussy. Don’t forget to bring bibs and burp cloths and extra clothes for your baby - and an extra t-shirt for yourself and your travel partner!

Our hack for sterilizing bottles on an airplane is to use the flight attendant’s help for this one and ask them to rinse the bottles with boiling water right away (they have a tap in the galley) so you have a clean bottle ready for the next feeding. We never messed with soap or even a bottle cleaning brush in flight – if you have a long trip or layovers where you have access to a sink where you can really wash the bottles in between, throw a brush into your carry on (or at least in your checked luggage so you can properly clean them at your hotel). We always packed a few extra bottles in our checked baggage and set up a bottle station where ever we were staying. Be conscious of where you are and the quality of the tap water – when in doubt, only use boiled or bottled water to make bottles or clean them. Most hotels (and even rental apartments/homes) have a water kettle you can use even if it’s not in your room so be sure to ask about it.

We always packed enough formula for our entire trip since we knew that the specific brand we used wasn’t available at our destinations (make sure to google locally to see if your brand or similar is available – you could either order online and have it delivered if you are staying for multiple weeks or purchase it when you arrive). Yes that’s A LOT of formula to bring for a multi-week trip, we know but it’s what we felt most comfortable with and it worked for us! We usually lined the bottom of our suitcase with formula and had extra space on our way home for any souvenirs. (Side note: we do not pack lightly when we travel with the twins!)

Product tips

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Pick a camping style thermos with a secure top to prevent leakage and one that keeps water hot for 24 hours - like these:

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