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Twins Can Travel!!

In 2,5 years we have taken the twins on 20+ flights to 7 countries (on 2 continents) and conquered anywhere from 1 - 11 hour flights. Over time we learned what worked best for us when traveling with TWO infants and now toddlers - dare I say that flights even feel fairly 'easy' now that they area nearly 3 years old?! Never thought I would say that! But with the right products and preparation and most importantly, the right mindset, anything is possible, yes even with TWINS!

I had the very fun opportunity to write a comprehensive guide on traveling with twins for one of my favorite websites, Baby Can Travel, last year and hope that it helps other families with twins find the courage to keep traveling even after your family literally multiplies. The journey might not always be a breeze but I promise you will never regret making these memories once you arrive at your destination!

Read my ultimate guide to travel with twins via Baby Can Travel here.

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